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Authentic Karkar Hair & Scalp Oil - Kinky, Coily, Curly

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Uses: daily scalp oil, blow-drying, bantu knots, twist-outs, braids, pre-poo treatment, silk wrap, hair styling, chebe mix DIY

Targets: Hair growth, hair loss, hair breakage, length retention, dry scalp

Recommend hair types: 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c. (natural or relaxed)

Originating in Sudan, this amazing hair oil is made from a mixture of sesame seed oil, honey wax, and cow fat that’s melted together to form a rich, nutritiously thick oil. Rich in linoleic acid, it’s also an easily absorbed source of vitamins that are essential for strong and healthy hair growth. 

To increase the benefits gained from karkar oil, it’s often mixed with chebe powder. This is for hair growth and improving density, and is derived from the Lavender Croton shrub that grows throughout Africa. It has several other benefits for the hair including the ability to increase, and retain, the moisture content in your hair. We offer chebe powder. The link is below.

The texture is that of coconut oil, it melts as soon as it touches the skin/hair. During cooler months or days this oil slightly solidifies. This oil will very easily melt, just sit in a cup of warm/hot water. Excellent hot oil treatments.

If this karkar oil appears different from the karkar oil you are used to you, may have had a version that is produced in the united states and may not be authentic.  This is an unadulterated oil from AFRICA.

DISCLAIMER: Any product manufactured or distributed by Nurcreations LLC is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness, especially those related to your hair or skin. Please perform a patch test prior to full use with this and all products. There are many illnesses and/or habits that men and women experience that can cause hair and skin problems such as stress, different life stages, medications, poor diet, obesity, diabetes, recent delivery of a baby (telogen effluvium), and many other factors in which you need to see a doctor. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


sesame oil, honey bee wax, cow fat

How to use

Apply to clean damp or dry hair & scalp

Return policy

Due to the nature of hair and skincare, all sales are final.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Some spilled out in transport still like it though.


This one right here! Oil absorbed so well it’s amazing. I use this as a prepoo my hair was definitely felt moisturized.


Mixed this with the chebe powder OMG what have I been missing. What a gem I found. Use this on my scalp by it self and it’s non greasy