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Royal Jelly Face Balm Bee Pollen - Slugging

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Ingredient highlights:  bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis, raw honey

Benefits: moisturizing, healing, protectant, sealing (slugging)

Recommended skin types: all skin types

Our royal beauty cream is blended with authentic ingredients produced by honey bees that have antioxidant properties to help to skin recuperate. This amazing blend is raw honey bee extracts can be used as a night and day balm to help soften the skin, fade dark spots, heal blemishes, and seal your skincare routine also known as slugging. Also, it provides relief from the discomfort of many skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, chapped lips, burns, pressure sores, diaper rashes, and even open wounds! It is packed with vitamins that have anti-aging properties. The wonderful ingredients explain the miraculous nature of this cream.

Bee pollen is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty acids, carotenoids, and bioflavonoids which are anti-viral and antibacterial. Pollen is the only plant source that contains the exclusive vitamin B12. Royal Jelly contributes to collagen production and promotion in our skin. For centuries, people have used propolis on wounds and as a remedy. Raw honey falls within the skin’s naturally healthy pH range, its' antiseptic and antimicrobial properties make it great for healing cuts and burns by killing bacteria and fungus. Raw honey also contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that brightens the complexion, evens out skin tone, and lightens scars and age spots.

DISCLAIMER: Any product manufactured or distributed by Nurcreations LLC is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness, especially those related to your hair or skin. Please perform a patch test prior to full use with this and all products. There are many illnesses and/or habits that men and women experience that can cause hair and skin problems such as stress, different life stages, medications, poor diet, obesity, diabetes, recent delivery of a baby (telogen effluvium), and many other factors in which you need to see a doctor. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Honey, Bee Pollen Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Bee Propolis Extract, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil.

How to use

Directions: Rub a small amount into your hands until it becomes oil, and massage into clean damp/dry skin until absorbed. Best when used as a day/night balm, apply it as your final step to seal in moisture. When used for diaper rashes allow the skin to dry completely then apply a thin layer over the affected area, if you feel this cream does not absorb into your skin you may be using too much or your pores may be clogged.

Return policy

Due to the nature of hair and skincare, all sales are final.

Customer Reviews

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Mya My

Butta soft skin this works good.


I like this, kinda like a balm but not too greasy


This gives Egyptian magic a run. This is so good and moisturizing. I use this at night, in the morning my skin soft I just use toner.